No, our industry-standard shredders will destroy virtually every form of information media, not just paper, but all your electronic data (i.e., CDs, DVDs, computer hard drives, film, audio- and videotape, even your plastic credit cards).

About the only thing we won’t handle is hazardous or explosive media or liquids—items not often used as information storage, fortunately!

Many companies have never taken a serious inventory of all the confidential and sensitive information in their files and other data storage. Among the items to be aware of and make sure you are disposing of securely are:

  1. Personnel files such as
    • Payroll data
    • Background checks
    • Medical and insurance records
  2. Strategic Business Information, e.g.
    • Development plans
    • Proposals for new products or services
    • Competitive research
  3. Operating income and expense records, including
    • Accounts receivable
    • Bills
    • Payment records
  4. Miscellaneous documents, such as
    • Advertising copy
    • Archival files and records
  1. Sales data, including
    • Invoices
    • Price lists
    • Customer lists
  2. Legal records, such as
    • Business audit records
    • Tax documents
    • Annual financial statements and reports
  3. Customer records, including
    • Invoices
    • Credit information
    • Cancelled cheques

Yes, we have no limit on the size of jobs we accept, and we are happy to help you with your one- time, occasional, annual, or regularly scheduled needs.

In order to determine the best option, consult with our trained staff. They will create a shredding service that is custom-tailored to fit the needs of your business depending on your usage. If you choose a regularly scheduled service and your console fills up too fast, just give us a call. We’ll be happy to schedule an extra pick-up or provide you with an additional console bin.

If you choose a one-time shredding service, you see notice that you actually require shredding performed on a more regular basis. We can cater you to a regularly-scheduled service.

At Infodel, we simplied your data destruction.

Yes, we require background checks for all job candidates applying for any position. We used e-vetting by KDN.

Demagnetizing or degaussing your old hard drive with a certified degausser machine. Infodel deploys two types of hard drive destruction, making information irretrievable. Firstly, we will degauss the Hard Drive(s) and secondly we will physically destroyed it.

We are certified by DOE (Department of Environment) for IT Disposal item such as Computer, Laptop, SSD, Hard-Drive(s), Server, Monitor etc.

In-house document shredding involves hidden costs and time. Employees have to set aside valuable work hours to separate paper, remove paper clips and staples, and actually carry out the shredding work. Secondly, In-house shredding is time-consuming as the capacity is not on par as industry shredders. Managing after shredded documents is not cost-effective as more plastic bags needed. Infodel performs the same task within minutes, with its proprietary cross-cut shredding technology to ensure that data cannot be reassembled.

We are so confident about our process that we offer two guarantees:

  • We welcome you to come or send a member of your staff to oversee our process in person as your materials are shredded.
  • Once your information has been destroyed, we will provide you with a Certificate of Destruction, documenting the material’s “chain of custody.”

Don’t waste your valuable time. All you need to do is put the documents into the locked console bin we provide. No wet trash!. Infodel’s trained staff can handle that.

If your console bin fills up too fast, just give us a call. We’ll be delighted to schedule an extra pick-up. You always have the option to add an additional console bin or increase the frequency of your service.

We practice double security shredding whereby we shred a few clients’ documents at one time. Infodel’s uses cross-cut shredders that shred paper into 12mm fragments, semi compacted which complies with the shred size requirements.

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