Secure Paper Shredding Solutions

Protecting your privacy and preventing information breaches with professional paper shredding services

    Secure Paper Shredding Solutions

    Protecting your privacy and preventing information breaches with professional paper shredding services


      Trusted and Reliable Service Provider in

      Data Destruction

      Infodel Management Sdn Bhd is an innovative provider of information security solutions for businesses and individuals across various industries. We offer paper shredding and data destruction services and go beyond that to provide comprehensive information management tasks like organization and archiving. With advanced technologies and industry best practices, we ensure safe and secure disposal of sensitive information.

      Secure It On-Site Or Off-Site

      When it comes to secure paper shredding, we offer you the choice between on-site or off-site services, ensuring flexibility and peace of mind. With a team of dedicated experts, rest assured that your sensitive information will be handled with the utmost care, keeping your privacy intact throughout the entire process.

      Why INFODEL?

      We are a certified organization with world-class shredding facilities and equipment committed to providing you with secure shredding and destruction services to protect you from the risks of an information breach.

      Expertise & Stability

      Bespoke shredding solutions for compliance and risk elimination

      State-Of-The-Art Technology

      Cutting-edge scanners and shredders for top-tier document shredding

      Industry-Specific Strategies

      Tailored solutions to meet diverse sector needs

      Competitively Agile

      Flexible document destruction to suit your requirements

      Excellent Customer Support

      24/7 support for peace of mind

      Our Certifications

      Why Proper Paper Shredding is Important ?


      Prevents identity theft


      Ensures compliance with data protection laws


      Safeguards sensitive information


      Protects against corporate espionage


      Environmentally responsible disposal


      Prevents dumpster diving

      Safe and Secure Destruction Process

      STEP 1

      Request a customized solution and quote for your specific service needs.

      STEP 2

      Experienced professionals will handle shredding and data destruction on your premises.

      STEP 3

      Documents, hard drives, and sensitive items will be destroyed either on-site or off-site, with the option to observe the process.

      STEP 4

      Receive an official Certificate of Destruction after your confidential information is securely disposed of.

      Unique Solutions for Every Industry

      We protect your sensitive information from identity theft and data breaches with secure on-site and off-site destruction services for all industries, including:

      Real Estate
      Financial Services
      Government and Public Service

      Effective Paper Shredding Solutions: Shred Your Documents with Ease

      Choose Infodel for professional paper shredding services and safeguard your sensitive data, ensuring compliance and peace of mind.

        If you want more information about our shredding services or would like a quote for data shredding, then you can reach us at:

        Infodel Management Sdn. Bhd. 200701035718 (793747-D)

        No. 2, Jalan TPP5/7, Taman Perindustrian Puchong. 47100 Puchong. Selangor.

        Frequently Asked Questions

        What types of documents should be shredded?

        Documents that contain sensitive or confidential information, such as financial records, legal documents, medical records, customer data, and any personally identifiable information, should be shredded.

        Is on-site or off-site shredding better for my business?

        The choice between on-site and off-site shredding depends on your business’s specific needs and preferences. On-site shredding offers immediate destruction at your location, while off-site shredding provides secure transportation of documents to a shredding facility.

        Can I witness the shredding process for added assurance?

        Yes, we welcome customers to witness the shredding process, providing them with added assurance in the security of our services.

        Is the shredded paper recycled?

        Yes, whenever possible, the shredded paper is recycled, promoting environmental sustainability.

        How do you ensure the confidentiality of shredded documents?

        We ensure confidentiality by utilizing secure and monitored shredding processes. Our trained professionals handle documents with strict protocols and secure transportation, leaving no opportunity for data recovery.

        Is your shredding service compliant with data protection regulations?

        Absolutely, our shredding service is fully compliant with data protection regulations, ensuring your adherence to legal requirements and safeguarding sensitive information throughout the destruction process.