Unique Solutions for Each Industry

We offer comprehensive services that are customized to meet the specific needs of businesses across industries. We use the latest technologies to provide reliable and flexible on-site and off-site destruction services.


Law firms must secure and protect confidential and private information to avoid the risks and penalties of an information security breach. We at Infodel leverage our experience to provide our clients with document security solutions and paper, hard drive, and specialty shredding services. Our team is committed to ensuring your confidential information is secure. We also offer certified data destruction facilities. Our shredding solutions are highly efficient and safe.

Real Estate

Important documents and financial information is always on the go in the real estate industry, and it is crucial for companies to implement a secure solution to destroy the documents. We offer reliable and secure services to maintain the confidentiality of information and paper, hard drive, and specialty shredding solutions for data destruction.


Educational institutions must securely keep their confidential documents, especially those of students and faculty. Our shredding services help you remain compliant and destroy records in a safe and efficient manner. Since schools and other educational bodies create, collect and store personal and private information; therefore, we provide shredding and electronic media destruction solutions to mitigate risks associated with identity theft and secure the data.

Financial Services

Finance is a data-intensive industry that collects and stores a large volume of financial and banking data. The information collected by them is critical in nature and therefore needs to be protected and secured at any cost. Our document shredding services are specially designed to deliver an extra edge to the financial services provider to destroy confidential information.


Insurance companies regularly handle the most sensitive information and therefore have an extra responsibility to ensure the security and confidentiality of sensitive information. Hence we provide solutions for securely shredding the insurance documents. We offer specialized shredding solutions that fit into your daily operations with minimal interruptions. 

Government and Public Service

Maintaining legal compliance and ensuring the security of information are of utmost importance. The massive amount of sensitive data these organizations store needs to be disposed of responsibly. We offer a diverse range of affordable, convenient, and hassle-free document and hard drive destruction services. In addition, we offer off-site shredding services that are fully accredited.


Protecting patients’ privacy is crucial for doctors and healthcare practitioners. To remain legally compliant, they must safely handle patients’ sensitive and confidential information and discard their medical records with utmost care. We provide accredited data and document shredding services. From hard drives to patient paper records, we offer comprehensive services that help you ensure your patients’ privacy and destroy documents responsibly.

What to Shred?

Knowing what to shred is is vital to your business.

If you have never taken inventory of the types and amounts of information you gather and retain on a regular basis, you may not realize just how much of it is sensitive and needs special security….or alternatively how much is simply unnecessary or outdated and could be eliminated. In either case, the odds are good that you are keeping more information than you should–on paper and other information storage media.

Step one toward developing more efficient and secure business processes is in fact taking that inventory. Every business and office is different, of course, but to guide your review, we can provide some general categories for you to consider in evaluating what data you should be handling and destroying securely.

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